Liberty Island Promise

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About Us


We first started this organization after noticing that the community does not offer much help for legal immigrants. We decided to use our more than 15 years of experience to fill that gap and offer useful services and information to people in need. Now, our staff continues to help people and families succeed but getting them access to the resources they need right when they need them.

Since 2010, Liberty Island Promise has provided information and referral services to new Americans in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex. Our referral services focuses on immigration services, making sure new citizens know where to turn for help. Our attorneys and staff provide legal assistance, completing forms and filling with United States Citizens and Immigration Services.


Our mission is to bridge the gap by educating service providers about refugees, legal immigrants and naturalized US citizen. Through our work, we hope to strengthen the capacity of the communities by decreasing their vulnerability and increase their sense of purpose in the United States of America, in turn build healthy and productive citizens.

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We strive to be a leader in community service, using a client focused, proactive, and innovative approach in planning, developing and delivering services. LIP will meet the changing needs of diverse ethno-cultural community while encouraging the full growth and development of its clients and staff.